I have a BLOG!

Nearing the end of 2012 I knew I wanted to take my business to the next level.  I had mentored with some amazing photographers, learned new practices and techniques, shot every chance I had and I did all that I could to become a better photographer.   I wanted to be better not only for myself but more so for my clients.  Taking pictures is not hard but stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself can be.  After going to some wonderful workshops with Rachel Vanoven Photography, Lemongrass Photography and Sarah-Beth Photography I knew I had to keep my momentum going and make my business stronger than ever before.

One of the simple steps I knew I had to take was to start a re-branding of my business.  I didn’t have much branding to begin with.  When I first started I had a wonderful friend from high school that I reached out to and he made a awesome logo for me and helped with all of the questions I had as I put my website together.  I had a simple blog and the more I blogged my sessions the more I really disliked blogging.  I wanted my pictures to speak for themselves and they were so small on the page and the blog design lacked any personality.  My blog was boring and it did not represent me, at all.  I want my clients to have somewhere else to go to show their pictures with friends and family with something other than Facebook.  Not everyone has Facebook (my own Dad, for example) and it makes it inconvenient to share your story of pictures with friends and family who don’t really want to check Facebook all the time.  I also want people to be able to find me easier.  My regular website is a flash site and the days of iphones and ipads do not support flash.  I needed to move up in the technology world for sure.

Well what do you know, out of no where I found the wonderful Ashley of Laynie and Belle.  Maybe not out of no where actually.  Her business is well known as she has made gorgeous handmade hair pieces, headbands, jewelry and even infinity scarves, among so many other items.  I often wonder how she handles all of that amazingness she has going on in that pretty head of hers.  Not only is she extremely talented with props and accessories but she is an amazing designer known for her hand drawn, watercolor looks that are simply remarkable.  When her waiting list opened up as she started to focus her business fully towards design I did not hesitate to JUMP on it!!!  Best decision I have ever made.  She now has a wait list “out the door” of talented people wanting her to design for them as well.

So here it is, this is my blog.  It is so me!  I didn’t even know what my style was or if it even existed until I handed over my ideas to Ashley. I am very excited with the outcome!  This is where I will share all of the loving, exciting, funny, silly, serious and amazing sessions of my beloved clients.  I am also going to start some personal posts to help y’all get to know me and my family a little bit better.  Maybe even some fun contests and discussions too.  I have to warn you though, I am a horrible writer.  There is a reason why I did not take the news track when choosing which way to go in my telecommunications degree at Ball State. I cannot write a news story or simple copy to save my life and spelling and grammar are not my strong suits.   I chose production, audio production to be exact….and now I am a photographer.  Ha!   I will write like I speak, and often times the words in my head never make it out of my mouth the way they were intended to.  So, consider yourself warned.  🙂

What I can do is show you pictures and we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. So enjoy!  Enjoy as I flood this blog over the next few weeks with past and future sessions.  Browse my portfolio, about me section and share the love and leave comments.  I would love to know who I have around as followers!  Thanks to all of you for helping me become better at what I LOVE to do and thank you SO MUCH Ashley for helping me find my style!

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